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Budgeting 101

Being a good steward over your finances is ESSENTIAL to creating a balanced and organized lifestyle. It is a well-known fact that money issues can add sooo much stress to your life. And here is a lesson that I've personally learned: you can have money issues whether...

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Daily Living- Part III of the Minimalist Series

Hey there! Now that you’ve decluttered your space and mastered your version of functional decor, it’s time for all things daily living! Your space is prepped to encourage minimalism and it has set you up for an organized life, but I still want to give you a few tips...

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Decor- Part II of the Minimalist Series

Welcome back, Sound Mind Seekers! This post will outline a few ways that incorporate minimalism into decor for my home. I live and breathe these methods, so hopefully, they will work for you too!! Do not rush to decorate your space. I know that feeling of urgency that...

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Decluttering- Part I of the Minimalist Series

Hi Sound Mind Seekers!!!! I thought I would kick this minimalism series off with a post about decluttering. By this time, I hope you have learned how to become a decluttering pro by using my handy dandy guide on “How To Let Things Go.” If you have not read it yet,...

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The Why Behind SoundMind

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and of a SOUND MIND." ~2 Timothy 1:7 SoundMind was literally birthed out of this scripture. For as long as I can remember, my space has always been reflective of my mental state. For instance,...

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