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Now that you’ve decluttered your space and mastered your version of functional decor, it’s time for all things daily living! Your space is prepped to encourage minimalism and it has set you up for an organized life, but I still want to give you a few tips on how to maintain it.

  • Everything should have its own designated area. This is self-explanatory, but having a specific place for everything increases your chance of getting it back to said place.
  • Keep it simple and honest. I HATE putting away laundry, and I know that I have a habit of taking forever to fold it. I can set a goal to fold laundry within the hour that I take it out, but I know that I wouldn’t stick to it. Rather than give myself unrealistic goals, I fold it over a span of two days if I’m really feeling unmotivated. Honesty applies to so many things. Maybe you have a desire to go through mail every single day, but you’re not able to consistently stick to it. Form an unopened mail pile and set a more realistic goal to go through. Overall, the idea is to be honest about your habits and set goals that you can meet. The goal is PROGRESS, not PERFECTION.
  • Reset your space everyday. I have a basic cleaning routine that I complete almost everyday that helps me maintain a form of tidiness. It involves tidying up my kitchen, folding blankets, putting food away, and clearing the bathroom sink. It’s enough to make a positive impact on my home, but it’s not too much to keep up with it daily. I suggest you evaluate the hotspots in your home that could use daily maintenance, and form a routine from that.

I hope this series has encouraged you to begin a minimalist life! Feel free to share your thoughts with me on social media @organizewithsoundmind.

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