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This post will outline a few ways that incorporate minimalism into decor for my home. I live and breathe these methods, so hopefully, they will work for you too!!

  • Do not rush to decorate your space. I know that feeling of urgency that you get when you’ve moved into a new home and you want to fill it up immediately. You’re excited, and you have so many ideas on how to make it your own. The issue with this urgency to decorate stems from the fact that we 1.) Settle for items and styles we aren’t in love with
    or 2.) Buy too many things that don’t necessarily fit the space or each other.
  • Less is more. Too much decor can make a space feel cluttered. Live in the space for awhile and see where you want to fill it in. Not every wall needs something hanging, and not every surface needs an object. Think about the textures you would love to incorporate. Take your time! I’ve been in my house for 6 months, and I am STILL adding things slowly.
  • Give decor a dual purpose. Minimalism is all about functionality and simplicity. For me, I choose to keep decor functional. For instance, I use plants to bring warmth to a room, but they also work to improve air quality. I have some wall decor that is cute and adds to the space, but it also contains encouraging scriptures and quotes that enhance my overall mental and spiritual being. I definitely urge you to evaluate you space and find ways to add or revamp your decor.

I would love to hear how you guys give your decor a dual purpose! Feel free to connect with me on social media @organizewithsoundmind!

Live sound mindfully,


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